Make a World of Difference

Help a refugee, heal a conflict

Since the Syrian Civil War began, over 4 million Syrians have been displaced from their homes.

About 1.4 million have settled in nearby Jordan, but are unable to legally work to provide for their families.The UN humanitarian appeal for Syrian refugees is just 40% funded, meaning many of them receive little to no assistance. The maximum amount any refugee gets is $14 per month, but the majority get nothing.

More than 80% of Syrian refugees in Jordan are living below the local poverty line.

Our goal is to provide both physical and spiritual necessities to the refugees. This outreach has been in partnership with the local church since its beginning in 2012 and allows us to represent Christ in our work. We want to serve them with love and compassion, showing them who Christ is through our actions.

Since starting this fund in 2012 we’ve received $317, 432 and have paid out $307, 092 in humanitarian aid. Expenses incurred during the winter months average 40% of the yearly total, when we’re providing heaters and blankets to help the refugees survive the coldest part of the year. Our US based 501(c)3 will not take any administrative costs out of donations.

We provide:

blankets · heaters · foam mattresses · basic foods · hygiene products · general medications · refugee children’s program

Help provide relief for these refugees.